EDM.com Trap Mix (December 2013) - Mixed by NAZA



01. Wake and Bake by DZI 
02. Collide by Hellberg & Deutgen vs Splitbreed (Revolvr Remix) 
03. Thump by Drezo (Subset Remix) - TrapMusic.NET Exclusive 
04. Hold Your Head Up High by Deekline & Ed Solo ft. Gala Orsborn (Josh Money Trap Remix) - TrapMusic.NET Exclusive 
05. Insane by Http & Shira 
06. Hush Hush by Houcemate 
07. Anxt by ALX (WestMB & Cobane Remix) 
08. Jurrasic by AWE 
09. Rock U Tonite by Waveracer (Sable Remix) 
10. Lunatic by SaneBeats 
11. We Were Born Electric by Live Forever ft. Saidah Conrad (Atlantic Connection Remix) 
12. Sky Hands by Glockwize 
13. Trilly by $aturn 
14. Dialogues by Deflo 
15. Hundreds by Tincup 
16. Drop It To The Floor by E-VO & Savage! - TrapMusic.NET Exclusive 
17. Crowd Kingz by DMNDZ 
18. La Cocaina by Onderkoffer (Mendus Remix) 
19. Still Burning by DZI & GAWTBASS ft. Aurora Lotus 
20. Slow Burn by Renz 
21. Genesis by The Bassist & Triage - TrapMusic.NET Exclusive 
22. Baby Lungs by Night Crime & Marshall Barnes 
23. Bass Trap by Tim Ismag & CVPELLV 
24. Le Empty by 12th Planet 
25. Horn Dog by Antiserum & Mayhem 
26. Pop Rocks by CasueL 
27. Get Back by Tantrum Desire 
28. Ganja Man by TroyBoi & Tomsize 
29. Smokescreen by Siméon & SubtomiK 
30. Turn It Up! by The Fusionest - TrapMusic.NET Exclusive 
31. Whats Going On by Droptek ft. Isabel Higuero 
32. Through The Night by Botnek (SNAILS Remix)
33. I See You by Subtronikz (Hugekilla Remix) 
34. Mirrors by Atlantic Connections 
35. Badman Pullup by Alexandre - TrapMusic.NET Exclusive 
36. Awesome by Dirty Chocolate 

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